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This and this are perfect examples of why I love Immortalis. Fake fake fake, I know. And guess what? I don't care. Because it's the fucking internet and when I shut the computer off, it all goes away. But see, on Immortalis, when I get into a conversation with "Lestat" or "David" or one of the real life members, I don't have to worry about some asshat coming in and deleting the damn thing because of some "hacker" in some "truth war." Truth war between roleplaying boards, now there's irony for you.

So now I guess I'll never get to find out what the fake LJS Pandora thinks of the election and that media discussion that was so fascinating is probably lost forever because some idiot has made it their personal mission to prove that a vampire roleplay board is fake. No, really?

So excuse me while I return to the lovely, delightful, drama-free Immortalis boards.
Ralph // freedom of choice

Quote of the day

"If I could only go through the ducts and leap out onstage in a cape - that's my dream" - Ralph Nader, talking about the Thursday night presidential debates.
ST // terrific


A bit of Engrish found on a bag of "Potato Fries" I picked up in a creepy Asian market yesterday. The text reads: "Beer Match" series snacks are cut in big, big bite-size pieces to give more fun in biting. Flavors in combination with its baked snack base were selected specifically for a beer drinkers enjoyment!

I swear to God, that is going to be my new slogan. Kalypso: More fun in biting!

/With vegan goodness, Mr. Kucinich.
//Really need to find a new politician to lust over.
///No, not Nader.
Kalypsoism // tryals

Secrets just make drama annoying, you know.

Why is it that whenever someone gets a bit of information, they automatically go into "I know something yooooou don't know!" mode? It's even better when they threaten to give out this information as blackmail or revenge or whatever, and then renig just before the deadline, giving excuses as to why they aren't going to spill it after all. "I don't want to hurt you with the truth." "You need to find your own truth." "You shouldn't have the truth because you allowed yourself to believe a lie and are therefore at fault." (I'm still trying to find some kind of logic in that one, coming up dry.)

Whatever. If you have this grand revelation, why not share? Or is it that you have nothing concrete? Is it hearsay, circumstancial evidence, just like every other time? I am growing more and more unimpressed with claims of information. Let's see some of the information so we can make up our own minds as so many of you are so fond of encouraging us to do. Quickly now, some of us who are watching this drama unfold are rapidly losing interest.

In other words, put up or shut up.
Godspell // Rejoice



My Email is Anneobrienrice@mac.com, and I have posted a rebuttal to reviews of Blood Canticle on Amazon.com, and I have posted my Email there and I have answered some of the people who have written to me. The response has been very good. There are reports of some one on the web impersonating Lestat, convincing readers that he is the character. There is no Lestat on the web. Anyone claiming to be Lestat online or anywhere is lying to people, or engaged in a game, depending on one's point of view. I am investigating these latest impersonations because people have advised me that the Lestat impersonator is having a bad effect on people. This I can not allow. Take care and love, from Little Paradise in Louisiana, Anne Rice."

Lestat = pwned.